Healthy eating program for teenagers

Is your son/daughter interested in learning how our body uses the food we eat, why we need to eat certain foods and not others and ultimately how to make better food choices?

This program will address these topics and he/she will also come away with meal planning skills as well as basic cooking skills.

The goals of the program are to enable your teenager to :

  • make healthy food choices
  • understand why he/she needs to eat certain foods and not others
  • understand how our body uses the food we eat
  • create meal plans
  • learn basic cooking skills

Based on principles that will allow your teenager to :

  • have more energy on a daily basis
  • reduce risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • keep or reach a suitable balanced weight

Duration :

  • 8 sessions spread across 6 months
  • Each session will take 2 hours + follow up cooking and menu planning (on their own between group sessions)

Ideal group size : 5-8 teenagers

Timing : One evening/week every 3 weeks or 2 lunch times/week every 3 weeks (if it is a group of students from the same school).

Fee : 20€/ 2 hour session (160€ for 8 session program)

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