Is milk the best source of Calcium?

Milk is a product that is often spoken about and is largely scientifically studied. Do we need to continue consuming dairy products and telling our kids to drink a cup of milk with their breakfast? There is no scientific proof that milk is the best source of calcium. Our body can only absorb 30-35% of the calcium in dairy products. On the other hand, nearly double the amount of calcium in plant products is absorbed by our body. 

We can therefore satisfy our calcium needs without consuming dairy products. The best sources of calcium are;

·         Sardines and mackerel

·         Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, tahini (sesame paste)

·         Spinach and kale

·         Fresh parsley

·         Green olives

·         Soja milk enriched with calcium

·         Mineral water (ex. Contrex)

·         Algae

·         Shrimps

·         Dried figs

Avoid milk products if you don’t tolerate them. If not, consume them with pleasure but limit your consumption to 1 or 2 portions a day. The best dairy products are organic fermented cheese and organic whole milk yogurt, as the bacteria (probiotics) are very healthy for the gut flora.

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