Broccoli … a powerful detox ally

“The little trees”, the name given by my children when they were young, is a vegetable full of health benefits that should be on our menu every week, even several times a week.

It helps the detoxification of the liver, a very important function with all of the pollutants that attack our cells every day; stress, medications, environmental pollutants, pesticides in our food, and chemicals in packaging…

Broccoli helps remove excess estrogen from our body which is very important to fight against breast cancer and uterine cancer.

Its elevated vitamin C level helps the immune system.

Its calcium is good for our bones and helps fight osteoporosis.

Ideally broccoli is eaten raw in salad or with, for example, hummus. If you would like to cook it, the best method is steaming, and the broccoli must not be overcooked, it should be crispy. If it is overcooked, or cooked in boiling water, the broccoli loses nearly all of its health benefits.

Enjoy your greens!

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